Samsung Galaxy Note 8کاستوم رام

کاستوم رام Deluxe ROM مخصوص گوشی سامسونگ Galaxy Note 8

سلام خدمت دوستان عزیز 

با کاستوم رام DELUXE ROM  ورژن 24

 در خدمتتون هستیم که برپایه اندروید 9 هست و کرنل اختصاصی و امکانات جالبی داره که امیدوارم لذت ببرید.

بیس رام DELUXE ROM بر پایه آخرین نسخه اندروید 9 میباشد که از لحاظ روان بودن و امکانات جزء بهترین رام های منتشر شده میباشد.

مشخصات رام:

— Based on latest ROM N950FXXS9DTA1
— Security patch 1 april 2020
— AROMA installer for choose CSC, sound, apps, etc…
— Odex (only few files deodex)
— Debloat
— DeKnox
— Tweaks in build.prop
— Secure folder
— Decrypted CSCs
— SafetyNet fix
— RMM fix
— Netflix fix
— Official status on settings
— Signature checks removed
— Native WebView without Chrome dependency
— Flash available till 1%
— CSC features (Call record, LTE only, extra tiles, SmartManager, etc…)
— Modded TouchWiz with custom grid sizes (6×6, 7×7, 8×8…), 9 apps on dock and 13 animations.
— Patched theme store
— Fully customizable through DRC (DeluxeROMControl), where you can find mods as dual statusbar, custom icons, colors, remap all your buttons, change navigation bar size, bypass secure flag (take screenshots on secure apps), extended reboot menu, RAM bar, blur, and a lot more …

تغییرات نسخه

– Rebased over N950FXXSADTC4
– Security patch 01/04/2020
– Updated S8+/S8 files [DTC6] – Updated Magisk to v20.4
– Included S8+/S8 camera fix
– Included carrier fix
– Added DRC option for bug report
– Added TW custom color/size for app names
– Added TW custom size for app icons
– Added TW app label for recents
– Added back DualApp patched
– Forced TW widgets to accept any resize
– Removed reboot dependency for reset DRC
– Optimized DRCIMPORTANT for clean installs:
Latest Magisk v20.4 doesn’t have enabled by default Magisk hide, we need to enable it on Magisk settings.

– Rebased over N950FXXSADTB1
– Security patch 01/03/2020
– Fixed installer issues
– Updated S8+/S8 files [DTC1] – Updated chinese SmartManager
– Updated WebView
– Simplified AROMA installer
– Added dynamic lockscreen
– Added one more bootanimation (Deluxe4)
– Removed some conflictive/inefficient mods

– Rebased over N950FXXS9DTA1
– Security patch 01/02/2020
– Updated DeluxeKernel® v12

– Rebased over N950FXXS8DSK5
– Security patch 01/12/2019
– Fixed virtual buttons behavior
– Fixed notification colors
– Improved stock battery hide/show logic
– Added option to show percentage on right side
– Added custom margins for stock battery
– Added custom margins for battery percentage
– Added reboot menu custom size for texts
– Added reboot menu custom fonts for texts

برای دریافت و نصب رام DELUXE ROM به باکس پایین این مطلب مراجعه نمایید و درصورت داشتن هرگونه سوال در خصوص نحوه نصب و یا سوالات دیگر، از قسمت نظرات در پایین همین مطلب استفاده نمایید.

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